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  • Polished Perfection - Car Detailing Plymouth Exeter
  • Polished Perfection - Car Detailing Plymouth Exeter
Polished Perfection - Car Detailing Plymouth Exeter

Kamikaze Collection

Polished Perfection is Devon’s only Kamikaze Collection Certified Detailing Studio, meaning we are able to apply the finest ceramic coatings on the market and guarantee only the highest level of workmanship, as well as having access to ‘pro only’ coatings from Kamikaze Collection such as ISM Pro and the flagship Enrei Coat, which only a handful of detailers worldwide are authorised to apply.

Ceramic coatings are the new age of paint protection products, with many people opting for them over a wax due to the superior protection they offer from a single application. Ceramic coatings provide a harder, super glossy, water and dirt repelling coat of protection over paintwork that repels dirt and other harmful substances, while being easy to maintain and keeping that ‘just detailed’ look for years rather than months.

Kamikaze Collection is a revolutionary range of high-end boutique car care products designed and manufactured in Japan, home of ceramic coatings. Combining state-of-the-art technology with traditional know-how, Kamikaze Collection prides itself on delivering truly innovative and unique products without the typically associated hype. Employing the ‘kaizen’ approach, Kamikaze Collection focuses on continuous improvement to ensure their customers benefit from products that really do add value.

What is a coating?

1. A coating should be a sacrificial layer – it’s meant to take the onslaught that clear coats would otherwise be subject to. As a sacrificial layer, it may be replaced at intervals to ensure the continued protection of the clear coat.

2. Paintwork and clear coats are subjected to a myriad of potentially damaging elements. Coatings based singly around organic or inorganic chemistry cannot offer protection from all of them. Better protection is derived from combining the uniquely protective elements of both.

3. Multiple layers of a single coating are redundant – one layer or a combination of two products with different properties should be sufficient to provide protection from the elements and to deliver a show-winning shine.

4. Anti-Ageing Theory – paintwork and its protective coating are like skin, they require specific products to ensure their appearance and performance remain at their best. Using inappropriate products will cause the coating to age more quickly, so the right maintenance products are essential.

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Polished Perfection - Car Detailing Plymouth Exeter

Stance Rim Coat - from £50*

Stance Rim Coat is a very hydrophobic, heat resistant ceramic coating designed specifically for wheels, brake calipers and exhausts, providing a super slick, glossy barrier which provides protection from brake dust, tar and grime, lasting up to 2 years per application while also making maintenance effortless.

Miyabi Coat - £150

Miyabi is the entry level coating from Kamikaze Collection (although it would be considered top of the range for most other manufacturers!), is a good hard coating (8-9h) offering 18-24 months of protection and a brilliant shine. Water repellency is great by itself, but for those wanting the most insane water beading characteristics, we recommend layering with Overcoat or going for the Miyabi + ISM Pro combo.

ISM Pro - £180

ISM Pro isn't as hard as Miyabi coat due to its unique formula, but instead offers an extremely hydrophobic, candy like superior gloss finish (similar to high end waxes) which lasts 2-3 years with proper application. ISM Pro works great as a top layer over Miyabi Coat, providing a hard, but extremely glossy, water repelling coating only surpassed by Enrei Coat.

Enrei Coat - POA

A Japanese combination of two words - En (gloss) and Rei (glamorous). Enrei delivers truly outstanding levels of gloss, whilst boasting prolonged durability not only from the elements and other harmful substances, but also against water spotting which is where other coatings can fail. Despite tests carried out in Japan which demonstrated industry leading durability, Kamikaze have specifically resisted marketing this coating believing that once customers have experienced Enrei Coat for themselves, they will be truly amazed at its unparalleled performance.

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